Sunday, June 01, 2008

Apologies for all the crap.. no more writing..

m ashamed of myself..
was wat I was gonna write..

since the ppl who read this place sumhow know me...

by the time I finally came to writing..
M, loving myself much more than ever before...
n atleast I m proud to be me..
no regrets.. nothing majorly...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life or something like that!!

again without thoughts
m starting yet again
n forgive me if I make no sense
no sense hav I ever made..

the eyes I always fall into..
they are the ones hav always looked deep into..
they tell me things hav longed to hear..
but m dying for the words to reach my ears..
what is it that I am looking for..
m looking for, in him..
well wish I could write it down or even think for once..
but he stays right here..
right here he stays in this heart..
m a romantic u tell me..
romantic I maybe.. but m not in love..
yesterday u were there..
there u were watching me hiding behind the wall..
I saw u..I thought I did..
n I ran to get hold..
but just then u were far.. n far u were...
I dont ever turn back..hav never done that..
u call me a coward..a coward I am..
I heard again..
n behind were u left..
I never turned back
or so I thought...
but m always there.. chasing you..
in my dreams where u appear not..
or in that dreamless night when right across u stand..
I have seen life from front..
n its the back pose of it I adore..
coz it looks beautiful..
beautiful does it look from where I've moved ahead..
Life or sumthing like that...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i am..... wat u call a born fool...

n yes I am...
hav not been very keen on writing..
n this post is not gonna b nething near to a post at all..
it is just a self realization dat hav always had
but guess hav become bold enuf to make a public declaration of it....
realizations do make this happen...

so was the day, I was born..
they called me a fool born...
these were the unsaid words,.
but m one wise chap they dint knew of..
I heard them say in their heart's core...
have been quick at listening to the heart's speech
from day one on...

I was the one laughed at
wen the kids dint have nething else to talk of..
n the fingers.. hav always had them pointing..
wonder I was that all they had..
a lone finger in each of their hands..
but I thought this is wat friends are for...
n I forgot to learn how to a be a friend at all..
so was the day, I was born..
they called me a fool born..

smartest of games I'd lose on...
best of pals I'd miss on...
I never knew I was the one they talked of..
when the teacher asked..
define : dumb with an example to site on,
the word stuck since then..
i thought m the one famous
for the things I do...
but they say m not the one they can even think of..
as one among them they can see of..
wat a wise chap I was.,
I cud hear wat they never said...
n in the hearts they forever meant...
they are the friends I have...n they have me even more than that..
so was the day I was born...
they called me a fool born...

n the wise chap that I am...
I was there when a hand fell short...
n the hand I thought wud linger on..
turned n said...
I have another to hold on..
n I heard the words...
that were never said...
mine was the one he always held.. when in the nightfalll..
all the dream weavers went..
but in the daylite
when all were looking at me...
he was better far off...
n that tooo with the best of my interests,..
I heard him say in there...
he loves me a lot...n so I live on..
so was the day, I was born..
they called me a fool born..

poor fellow I thought..
who thought I was the fool...
n so I moved on..
from day one.. to further on..
hearing the whispers of this lone heart.. wherever they'd go unheard of...
n the wisdom rolled on...
I heard my heart today...
what a wise chap I was...
it told me...
this is the only heart I ever heard..
there's none other dat ever turned to me...
n in the core lies the words hav always left
they think m the fool...
n my heart says...its the truth...
n it left me there.. said m not the one going on..
with this fool head...
what was it a tear.. that I saw...
I begged my heart to stay on..
its the only companion hav ever got...
I asked it for watever it wants...
n it asked me to forget how it ever was there...
how I cud hear to what it said..
when loud were the beats out it sent..
I said coz m a wise chap...
n it said...that is how I made a fool outta myself...
m no wise nut.. it went on...
stop listening to me is what I beg for....
m not here to be listened to..
just as all the hearts.. u ever thought u heard of...
they all talk the same.. in the darkness of the souls...
wen u haerd me u heard them all...
n today they say I betrayed them for u...
wen even m not aware how u caught on to me ever..
I heard my heart .. crying out at me...
it was its tear that i saw...
n I hear the beats today...
the whispers all gone...
it's the day.. I sensed my head at all..
n they call me the wisest of all..

PS: I can always hear to this heart of mine...
but m not gonna ever let know... coz that's how it stays happy..
n that's why it stays with me till now...

Friday, February 08, 2008

...must read...truth...

Gemini people not only can't do anything right,
they think their ineptitude is cute.
"Oh, silly me!" they exclaim.
"I forgot all about it. Isn't that just like me? Oo, aren't I awful?"
They read the last page of a novel first,
and they can't concentrate on anything at all for more than five minutes.
Totally unreliable,
they are something of a nuisance around the house or office.

There are, of course, no famous Geminis except by accident or marriage.
Queen Victoria, a very silly woman (did you ever read her diaries?), was a Gemini.
Gemini is the sign of the Twins, which may explain why she referred to herself as "we." (Sometimes the Twins get carried away; the Dionne quintuplets were born under it, or them.)
Remember Carlota, wife of Maximilian, the emperor of Mexico?
The one who got so confused she had to be locked up for the last 60 years of her life?
She was a Gemini.
So was poor Jefferson Davis, president of some of the United States. That's about it for the Geminis.

Although deeply moved by greeting cards, china kittens and Lassie movies, Gemini people are rather heartless about people. They believe in ghosts, reincarnation, extrasensory perception and horoscopes.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

hoga tera gud luk.. dil mere liye rakh!! ;)

Gemini Women

"A good looking woman with brains, a very interesting person. She has a fast movement and she could not sit still or stand still long. She is able to do many things at the same time and do it fast. If you date her, you will feel like dating many women at the same time. You can not tie her down with the word “Love” because she cares about love but is it not a major factor of her life.
You have to be able to adjust yourself to get along with her many different characters. She is a dreamer and has many dreams. She is eager to learn something new all the time. Even she is the 2 in 1 mixed character type, she is quite lucky in love. You have to put all your efforts to win her affection.
Even when she likes you and wonder about your wit, she will also see and inspect your bad side at the same time, because it is in her nature. She able to keep all kinds of mixed emotions without annoying you or letting you know at all. She can cheer you up by acting like a free little bird. Her conversation will not bore you. She is able to talk to you in any subjects. She can make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive.
She can make you feel like she needs all your care, but once she needs to stand alone, she can stand alone firmly and comfortably. She can be your best buddy and talk to you about anything. She can join all your activities with the same energy that you have. She is a quick wit person and learn new things very fast. She can see your projects and she can give you good advice. If she thinks you are not sure that you want her for yourself, she will act like your best friend only, a cool woman.
She can easily make a guy fall in love with her. Her multiple changes and many moods is a “Charm” for many men. She can be laughing for 2 minutes and later suddenly quiet. She wants to find only 1 true love and she wants to meet her dream guy. She expects a lot and nearly too much. She is constantly waiting for her knight shinning armor even she is with a steady boyfriend. She can fall in love or fond of someone else while she is with you.
If you break up with her, she will forget you quite fast, because change is in her nature. The Gemini woman breaks more heart than woman in other Zodiac. Because she is a dreamer and always waiting for her knight shinning armor, so her love life can be complex or a mess. She hates to write a long letter, so if you write her a letter and expect a prompt reply, forget it.
Because she has a multiple personality and multiple ideas, so she hates to put them down in written proof. Because she knows what she belief today can be different tomorrow. She could communication with more than 1 language, a real gifted linguistic. If she wants to tell you any bad comments, she won’t say it straight away, but she will talk to you about many other things and accidentally come to that subject without offending you.
Normally she will not lie. She will work hard and once a while take a long rest. She can get bored and tired with her own surrounding more than at work. She never feels content with her present work, money, or reputations; she will drive to have more. Don’t ask her what is her ultimate contentment for she will not have an answer. Once you get to know her, she will be a supportive person and always be beside you. She has a beautiful dream and she loves to have someone walk side by side with her, together and equally.

this one's the realistically funniest post ever on this blog...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

© By Megan N. Hatridge


"Ever since that day
I've hid my heart away
Many have tried but fail to find
The gate is closed I've made up my mind
I can't be the girl I used to be
Cause look what love has done to me
I let my guard down and gave it all to you
Never realizing you would be untrue
It's been so long and still I stand
But still I long for the touch of your hand
I'll be strong and keep it all inside
Even if it's just foolish pride
They say it is better to have loved and lost
And I've tried that and paid the cost
So if I have to feel this pain
Just to find a love again
I think I'll let it pass me by
I'll spare the heartache and refuse to try"

© By Megan N. Hatridge

© By Brandilyn P. Graham

Girl That I Pretend To Be

"Look me in the eye, don't walk away
Say all the things you want to say
Don’t lie to me,
don't pretend to be interested in me,
the person I have to be
the girl outside is so much stronger
than the girl inside that can't hold on much longer
the girl outside is just a fake

inside, I'm about to break
I'm so weak inside but it'll never show
only reflected in the scars, I know
everyone’s telling me don't do this and don't do that
I need to break apart from this image I've made that everyone sees
and I just need someone to believe that I can overcome these things
that drag me down and make me want to die
so now the only question is, is this really goodbye?

© By Brandilyn P. Graham

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the days that pass...

hav never done smthing like this before..
but got nothing else to do..

Day 1

this was just a half day.. or even less .. but it was longer than many have spent before,
never hav I ever looked out for you..
but it was good to know there's sumone out there to look for..
ur steps m sure have never even seen before..
but I heard them many times today..
I turned to look back..
n how I wished u stood there right besides..
no calls in the eve..
is this what I claimed I wanted..
have had enuf of it in a day..
you might not dial my number in the eve..
complaining I never called u up...
but the assurance that there's someone I can give a call to..
meant a lot..

I missed your presence...


this was just another usual day..
got up went to work n had breakfast alone..
then a long walk in the morn..
wen we went out looking for a decent place for morning cup of tea
by the way did u drop in at some hour to my cubicle..
I heard ur cell phone ring..
one day without talking to you..
without even seeing you around..
I can be a part of a big group..
they are all my friends..
but still I forgot to smile wen looking up to the moon...
m happy u missed me not at all..

I missed your Call..

Day 3

So I was the one who always said, I'll forget you...

n is that the reason why u forgot..

newaz maybe this was sumthing I wanted all along..

U are not used to me anymore n m not the one u r looking for..

I wish u cud hav just given a thought or maybe even not,

another day passed .. havent heard a word from seems for so long

m sure dat also means u do remember me atleast in the dream hours..or even that not...

I missed your voice...


I missed your scoldings...


and sooo on.....

I cant even put it in words..

PS: this one post was in my drafts not posted earlier.. for some reasons m sure I had.. now I can not remember.. so this post....